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Industry Research / Logo Creation/ Brand Identity

The Situation

Lorenia Obregon, owner of what is now Cutie&Co., approached us with aspirations of reinforcing her growing nail salon business with a more established identity and company tone. Prior to working with us, the only sense of identity that this company had, was the Instagram handle of @tipsycurvynails.

Our team looked at specific terminology used in the world of nails for inspiration on renaming the company. We were immediately hooked on the potential behind the word “Cuticle” and ultimately landed on the play on words Cutie&Co.


Many Different Shades to Choose From

Much like choosing the perfect nail color to match your outfit, there was a range of routes we could have explored for the brand identity of Cutie&Co. One thing that kept coming up in the creative process, however, was the motif of the ampersand. Its presence always drew our attention and we agreed it’d be the foundation and the focal point of the logo.

Staying true to that idea while also acknowledging that hands and fingernails didn’t necessarily need to be present in the logo, we landed on the icon and logo shown below (and in the header of this page).

That's Definitely Your Color, Lorenia!


When referring to the company in text, capitalize both Cs, use no spaces, use an ampersand, and use a period at the end.

When necessary and appropriate, this abbreviation is acceptable. Use no spaces and an ampersand.

This abbreviation is acceptable and used primarily for social media handles or website URLs. Use no spaces and a lowercase n.