E.Sierra Media

Industry Research/ Logo Creation/ Brand Identity

Popped The Hood Open

Let’s see what’s under the hood: A young man by the name of Wilmer Merlos, who knows a whoooole lot about cars (over 10 years worth), not much about branding and company development, with a burning desire to be his own boss. That’s when E. Sierra Media (aka The Media Mechanics) step in.

After the first consultation, we found that Wilmer had some foundational ideas for his company, the logo and overall brand identity. Those ideas included incorporating a “W”, since that’s the first letter of his name, and incorporating a color palette of blues, grays and blacks.

He was also set on the name “Dubs Wrench’N’ Garage” as a “dub” is often slang for “W”.

Getting Our Hands Dirty

From valve covers to spark plugs, the team at E. Sierra Media tested several avenues to try to get to the final logo. Based on logo research as well as client suggestions, it seemed like mechanics’ logos were often complex and “in your face”. They often incorporated more than one common tool, part of an engine or both.

Based on that research as well as keeping in mind the client’s request about incorporating a “W”, we proceeded with intentions of keeping the logo true to the “mechanic look” while simultaneously also keeping it clever and classy.

The result was an interesting array of subtle yet recognizable set of logos. Some more “in-your-face” than others (far right), but all had that “W” ever so present.


Ultimately, the answer was right in front of us the entire time. We ended up on agreeing with the logo seen below. We say that the answer was in front of us the entire time simply because, well, the word “wrench” is in the company’s name, so naturally, a “W” made out of a wrench is perfect!

The class, subtlety and cleverness of this final logo was one that we were very happy with. It’s recognizable to the extent that it can stand alone without text and still be associated back to one company. It incorporates a common tool used in mechanic work but doesn’t overdo it. It has features that allow it look good at any scale or color. It was time to move forward with the meat of the brand identity for Dubs.