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Edgar Gonzalez of NonStop Auto has relied on E.Sierra Media's services for many years. He first approached us with an established logo that he was sort of happy with, but he desired for his brand and logo to be recognizable and stand out. Along with the creative elements of his business, Edgar was looking for guidance on managing the growth of his business too.

A brand’s primary identifier is the logo. For a company to have a more well-rounded identity, there has to be more recognizable elements that are associated with the overall brand. In situations similar to Nonstop Auto, when a company reaches out with a logo they already have and love, we know as a team that we will still have some work. We can give the existing logo personality, intention, and a refreshing face.


Video Style

Image Style

There is a playful but professional tone to all of the assets and media we’ve created for Nonstop Auto. We made sure to reflect Edgar’s personality onto the identity of his company’s brand since his work relies on person-to-person interaction. Additionally, we made sure the branding shined bright and noticeably through the use of consistent color palettes and fonts that were eye-catching.

Edgar Gonzalez is extremely passionate about cars, but not excited to get into the weeds on the details of running and managing a business. Many business owners are this way about their passion, which is why we offer business managing services along with our creative services so we can lend a hand to entrepreneurs and their growth -- just like we did with Nonstop Auto.

The financial standing of a company has a significant weight on which decisions are made creatively by the business owner. In order for our team to have a clearer picture of what a creative brand looked like for Nonstop Auto, our team was able to create administrative forms like the ones above for Edgar to use. These touches allowed us to have easier communication when streamlining processes for Edgar and his business while continuing to have consistent branding throughout.